About Us

ollaborative capital allocators, experts at building and improving small businesses

We founded Cordoba Capital Partners specifically to invest in and grow small businesses.

Small company success

We focus exclusively on buying small, profitable companies with a sustainable competitive advantage. Generally, these are businesses in boring or otherwise overlooked products or service industries with above-average qualitative and quantitative characteristics and opportunities for growth. 

Patient investors

We seek to allocate capital efficiently in good, established businesses and build on solid foundations. We are patient investors with a long-term growth objective.

Family and founder transitions

We help family and founders transition within or from the business. We are an ideal partner for owners seeking liquidity, generational transition, capital for growth, or recapitalization.

Capital for acquisitions

We have been successful in raising committed equity capital from investors to acquire small companies. We invest alongside our investors, a level of personal commitment that business owners and management teams appreciate.

Collaborative investors, experts at family and founder-led transitions